Kids aren’t reading anymore! And this has got to change, but not without a little effort from parents.

I grew up in a home where reading novels was the order of the day. My parents would punish me and my siblings by stopping us from playing outside (which we preferred as kids) and asking us to read either our textbooks, storybooks or newspapers (uugh!) for hours on end. That way most of us developed the habit of reading… I don’t know about now, hustling has taken over, lol!

Well, I just noticed that as my kids grew older, other less important things began to take over their lives other than reading… Nah,nah,nah,having none of that. Frankly speaking, my son is the only one that seemed to have maintained the habit of reading, except his school books (only God will assist in that one!) He reads any kind of novel that ranges from thriller to adventure, but nothing inspiring. I personally feel that anything one has to read should have a positive influence in one’s life, one way or the other. And from my personal observation, I don’t see how all those books he has been reading have helped or is helping him!

So one day, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I was going to change his library. So, motivational and inspirational books came to my mind, as well as African literature from renowned African laureates like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, etc. It sounds boring se?! Well, I figured that my kids were becoming a bit too westernised for my liking and fast losing knowledge of their African/Nigerian heritage .

Off to the Bookshop we went, not just any bookshop, a Bookshop that had books and where books were reviewed by various authors and I had my son look through various books. We even got a chance to discuss some old books like “Things Fall Apart”, “Arrow of God”, “The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born”. In the end, we left with 2 books, pacesetters inclusive! Who remembers pacesetters?!… Timeless.

I now make him read at least 3 chapters of the motivational book and at least 2 chapters of an African novel, which he reviews with me. There might be some ‘off’ days quite alright but that’s my resolve, hoping that all he reads will strike a different cord in his heart…so help me God.

So what am I saying in all ‘thix’? I’m just saying that we parents should make an extra effort in helping our kids read again and not just any book but something motivational and life changing. No matter how busy, we can take time out on a less busy day at least once a month!

May God continue to grant we parents wisdom in helping our kids through the right path. Amen.

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