How many of you Wives or fiances have “teething” spouses?! Okay, partners that throw tantrums?! Well, if you don’t…lucky you! Lol!

I’m still trying to figure out why some men find it difficult to say what’s eating them up? Meanwhile, it’s usually easy for a woman to just snuggle up to her man if she needs TLC or simply tell him, “Honey, show me some love. I’m in dire need of some sugar”. Biko, how is this statement difficult to say.

It’s funny how guys react when they need attention… Comes with a lot of drama I tell you.

When you notice that your man is practically complaining about nothing or his just keeps ranting over nothing really or he just got back from work with a disgruntled look, give him some space …it’s really not about you. So don’t crack your head thinking about what you did or didn’t do. Like my girlfriends will say (and I probably agree with) , maybe, just maybe he had a fight with his ‘girlfriend’! That’s not even the time to ask too many ‘jamb’ questions or nag, like some women have PhD in!

Just go about doing the regular things you would do for your hubby. And just when you notice that the mood is quietly returning to normal, you can gently give a nice loving ‘I understand’ or “I love you either way” hug…. I know you too need attention and hug but it’s not about you at that moment.

Voilà! Everything will suddenly become normal again. It’s not that easy to decode a disgruntled husband but with God’s wisdom, a truly patient non-selfish wife can achieve that goal, just for peace sake really.

Have a blessed day ahead.

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