Saying I’m broken hearted is just putting it mildly.

The way couples in general handle this big ‘job’ called marriage, is seriously becoming bothersome. It seems a lot of couples go into the marriage contract without actually understanding what they are signing for! They go in with a lot of expectations of and from each other, or hoping to change the other!

So, what do you girls do at the bridal showers?! Is it only for fancy?! Part of the reasons, bridal showers are held in Nigeria (I don’t know about other countries), is to get a ‘verteran’ in marriage to share her wealth of experience and wise words with the bride-to-be.

With the video Tiwa granted Pulse TV, barring everything about her marriage to the whole world, especially to people who never meant well for her, has proven the immaturity that comes with marriage. *Even the interviewer was so annoying, with her “at what point?… *

Really Tiwa? Did you need to? You are as guilty as TJ (as you fondly call him). Maybe if you had granted this interview after you have signed the divorce papers, I wouldn’t mind… But you are still married. You have not only started talking, you have succeeded in exposing your ‘period pant’! *excuse my French

That interview wasn’t necessary…my verdict. You didn’t need to prove your innocence! Those who know you (close family and friends) are not blind. A ‘third party’, being the world and Co. do not… I repeat…do not need to know “how you suffered”…take that gist to the Lord. Even if you needed to empower women, all those details where not needed.

Simple silence would have sealed TJ’s madness, teething problems, tantrums, name it what you like. Because the ship is sinking, doesn’t mean you should go down with it.

Tiwa dear, let me remind you… You are a Celebrity, and the world, including I, will be in your ‘bizness’… We are the 3rd party people… Please learn to keep your privates to yourself #greatadvicefromabigsis

Tiwa, remember I’ve always adviced you to choose your friends wisely. Who advised you to do this video, who? Just say, let me start on that person! Have we ever heard that person’s story?! Do you sef know that person’s story?! This ‘gist’ you have given us, is what it is GIST and will remain so!

At moments like this, you don’t need the ‘world’ consoling you. You should be spending time in getting yourself with closest family members and true friends, especially those that know the true story.

If want us to look at your situation critically from the world’s point of view, you should also take part in the blame. Did anybody force you into marrying TJ?! If they did, then you are justified. You are aware of all his shortcomings, yet you decided to sign that marriage contract. You chose to provide as a bread winner where he failed to! Did he put a knife to your neck? So please don’t start shouting foul play. Or abi he use ‘jazz’ for you? You knew he was ‘doing’ weed before marriage, now cocaine is shocking you?!

Did you think you were doing him a favour by marrying him, just because he helped you climb that ladder?! You simply short changed yourself. You do yourself! All these behaviour of TJ did not start today…even a blind man could tell he was and is a low-life.

See Tiwa, how you choose to make your bed,is how you will lie on it! If you don’t like, you can quietly leave!

Final advice, no more word from you again about this. Then, go and remove that rubbish video, instead, go and write police report for the record. Jamal doesn’t need to grow and see this 12 or 15 years later!


I pray for God’s peace in both your lives. Amen.

4 thoughts on “MY ‘STORY’ FOR TIWA

  1. This is not in any way to judge tiwa, just zip it for now, no more interview and have some quiet moments, clear your mind, and do whats best for u and ur son, but no more talking, fight but not physically, spiritually baby, u got it, “muscle up”

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  2. Yes your absolutrly right,? Now you are justifying all his accusations by defending your self, and giving him morw to open up more, just be calm tiwa, not easy, but you can do it, yes that friend that adviced you to go on social media and talk about your hubby is not a friend, remember at ur most vulnerable time is when people tend to take advantage, right now you arw not thinking right so the best thing is to Zip it, muscle up and call on God, he will fight for you.

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