I’ve always heard of ‘Abigail’s Nail salon, but I really never bothered to check it out until sometime last year. Ever since I’ve been stuck! Lol!

Trust me when I say it’s more than a nail salon… It’s where gurls hang out…a lounge?! Remember ‘The Barbers Shop’ ?…yeah, almost like that.


You get to meet new people, hear the latest gist, Gossip, get counselling on all levels. The best part is when you leave looking like a million dollars…. *eyes rolling*…some people’s look can never change though, no matter how hard they try… I dunno…must be partly a generational problem or spiritual!

At Abigail’s, ‘forming’ is not a signature… Even when ’em bitches come in at first, they soon forget that they have a wig on! LMAO!

Anyway, this month, I’m doing red. When I say red, I mean Hawt red everything, from head to toe. Today, am gonna show u just the nails first…there’s a touch of pink sha. I hope you like?


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