Sick! Sick! Sick!

This guy is really sick! You mean he actually tried to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge? Save for Banky W and Peter or Paul of PSquare, and another guy, he would have really done it.

You can all see that the guy has spiritual problem and it didn’t start today!

But seriously, let’s look at Teebillz situation critically. In all honestly, he represents a typical Nigerian spouse who is consumed by extreme envy over his wife’s successes. An egoistical Nigerian man who would beat his wife black and blue, in order to make her ‘submissive’ make her lose her self-worth. It takes only a strong woman to rise above such horrid conditions. Then again, I know a few good men…uncountable actually.

If a wife dares to be more successful than the man who is supposedly the bread winner, she is rebuked and called all sorts of names.

Some reasonable husbands allow their wives shine like a diamond and even shine with their wives’ achievements. Because, a woman only excels in marriage when she has a good husband. Her success is her husband’s success… He takes the credit for it. God bless all those men who support their wives’ achievements.

So family and friends of Teebillz, don’t talk too much English, he needs deliverance. All the ‘evils’ that has been following him from childhood should ‘washed’ out! You guys should do this for Jamal’s sake.

I beg Tiwa on the other hand “Not to talk”, she should join hands in praying for her husband.  There’s an evil lurking around her home, that needs to be bound and cast!

Suicide is as far as the devil can go. It’s not normal to even consider taking your own life. When you start having such thoughts, it’s time then to surrender all to God.

I, in my small corner will be praying for you.

May the Holy Spirit be upon The Balogun Household

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