Did any one notice that, no one played any prank on the 1st of this new month? Or is it just my imagination?!

Frankly speaking, I don’t think anyone is in the mood for meaningless pranks! Everyone is hustling, even babies! There would have been a high chance of being slapped if any prank had being played! *Teeheehee*

Imagine pranking a 65 year old pensioner who has been waiting for his money for God knows how long, and then he gets a call that he has just being paid and should come collect it at a particular place! He uses his last cash to get to where you are… Please, let him not meet you there!

Or me abandoning a very important financially-enabling meeting just to answer a call that my car has been stolen! Please, I beg you, be sure to call an ambulance before I get there… And maybe the police!

Point is, no time for April Fool… Happy New Month peeps!

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