I got the shock of my life this afternoon, while doing school runs.

The day started and was going to end like any other day, and just when I was getting into the garage, my son dropped a ‘bombshell’!
“Mummy, I had 32 over 40 in French “. Did I hear well or was my mind playing tricks on me?!
“Fola, you said?!” I turned the engine off and did a 360, in order to PAY SERIOUS ATTENTION !
Please, do not be amazed,I’m just used to my girls bragging about their scores that if I must confess, I hardly PAY attention…but this? This got my attention.
“Mummy, I’m serious. I got 32 over 40”
I did a triple take…I’m sure if there had been a cliff nearby,I probably would have…, who knows!

Don’t get me wrong. You see my son is a special alien creature, who can’t , I repeat can’t be bothered about studying. He’s scores are extremely wavy. He’s the same person that could come home one day with an ‘A’ in one subject and then come home another with a ‘D’ in that same subject. He makes me preach endlessly about the need to work hard and why it’s particularly important for him, being a guy and all. Sometimes I’m forced to wonder if he was switched at birth, lol! He can be that painfully lazy…jeez.

Sorry o! But I was damn curious about this sudden ‘high’ score.
“Fola, please what happened? Why the sudden wake up? Did the principal invite a pastor to the school! Is there a babe you are trying to impress? Talk to me son!” Because, quite frankly, I had submitted his laziness to God!
“Do you honestly want to know?”
“Of course I do! Speak joor! ”
“Mummy, seriously…my PS4 was at stake! I had to do whatever it took to save it. After that last threat you gave, about my PS4 not coming home with me if my scores didn’t improve! ”

…Hmmm, #monstermum At least the threat worked. So this guy will do anything for his gadgets…okay, game on!
But seriously, those gadgets needed to be grounded…

So, please mummies in the house, sing praises to God on our behalf.

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