Courtesy : Naij.com

At this time and age, Nigerian people, especially those residing in Lagos, still have this kind of senseless ethnic clashes!… Just doesn’t make sense at all.

Yeah, I’m referring to the Hausa-Yoruba clash that occurred in Mile 12 yesterday. Just because an ‘okada’ rider mistakenly knocked down a pedestrian, who happens to be a Yoruba man (the Almighty Yoruba Man!), the Yorubas residing in that area decided to pounce on the Hausa residents, burning people’s properties.


Courtesy: Naij.com

I don’t understand why hoodlums like to take advantage of every situation just so that they exercise their frustrations !! These people shouldn’t blame anyone for their unfortunate lives, except their Parents!

Anyway, I’m writing this just so that we constantly remind ourselves to stop building invisible walls between us based on our culture, be it language, dressing, sexuality, etc. We should learn to interact with people based on who they are, not what they are or where they are from? It’s only a narrow minded loveless human being that would act this way.

#loverules #loveunconditionally

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