Happy New Month peeps!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you guys how much I love New days, weeks and months… New everything! Most of all, I love ‘tomorrows’, it gives a feeling of ‘rebirth’. This 1st of February is a new ‘tomorrow’.

A lot of us take our ‘tomorrow’ for granted, knowingly or unknowingly. Tomorrow gives us a chance to right all our wrongs…at least most of it. Tomorrow allows for us to make things happen, that didn’t happen yesterday. Tomorrow allows us to say the “I love you”s that we haven’t said to our loved ones. Tomorrow brings us closer to God.

Every night before I lay me down to sleep, my last thoughts are usually about how my tomorrow would be, hoping that God gives me the chance to make it better, that which I didn’t ‘perfect’ for that day.

What we need to take cognisance of is that (I hate to say this), one day, only one day, that ‘tomorrow’ may never come… That’s a harsh reality of life! But hopefully our ‘tomorrow’ will not run out prematurely in Jesus name. We shall live to fulfil our destiny.

So my peeps, for every ‘tomorrow’ we are given, we should first of all be grateful and then seize grab every opportunity it gives us.

I hope y’all have a fulfilled day and week ahead.

Love you guys…xoxo

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