Good morning lovely people out there!

I woke up this morning extremely grateful To God for making me see another day, how awesome can that be?

It suddenly occurred to me that “Life is Beautiful”…it truly is. And must not be wasted on trivialities. We should seize every opportunity we get to be happy… No dulling! And in being happy, we should make others happy. And if making others happy means ‘freeing’ them from your clutches or your life, so be it! Just be happy! …and grateful!

Today, you need to ‘purge’ yourself of negativity. Today, affirm that you have zero tolerance to negativity, therefore you must not think unhappy thoughts, must not hang around negative people and you mustn’t do negative things, not hurting anyone deliberately inclusive… Can you try that today? Cos I will! 🙂


I’m infused with happiness today because I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do for God today and not the other way round… God has tried for me, so let me try for Him today.

So peeps remember, NO NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR DAY…

Rushing off to work… Love you guys

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