I don’t know why I decided to write this post but I’m guessing the Holy Spirit must be behind it. So, who am I not be used as a messenger of truth.

This article is specifically for people who are always ‘beating’ themselves black and blue, trying to please some people who don’t ‘send’ them…and that’s the gospel truth, THEY JUST DON’T SEND YOU! so quit trying to impress…it’s a completely futile journey.



Analyse it, if the person really liked or loved you, every little effort you contribute towards their happiness should count, instead, the gap seemingly increases or widens.

It’s so easy to know when the person just doesn’t send you… Can you allow me be your ‘babalawo’?! *Hehehe

1. Everything you do or say tends to stir up negative emotions in the person you are working so hard to please.
2. He or she almost always believes that there is an ulterior motive in the things you do or want to do.
3. You basically do all the work in maintaining the relationship.
4. His or her plans don’t ever include you… Trust me on this.
5. Most of the time, your ‘spirits’ are always in conflict …it’s something you can’t explain but feel. Your spirit just tells you that you are not in a good place with him or her.
6. You just happen to be the only one seeing the ‘problems’ in the relationship and you end up being the only one looking for solutions!

Anyway, my own is that you should stop this minute and focus on yourself, and your goals for the future. Your happiness is not dependent on him or her.


For how long do you want to keep saying this?!

A good relationship should be based on LOVE, TRUST AND MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

May you find what it is you are looking for.

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