This is not funny anymore, the way the government is handling the cases of violence against women and the girl child.

I’m talking particularly about the recent case of the 15 year old primary 5 pupil who was gang-raped by 5 men in Bariga, Lagos.

This bastardy act was masterminded by a useless tailor who has always made advances towards her, but she always turned down. What was the ‘crime’ she committed?

In her own words…

“I am in Primary five, but I am also an apprentice in a hairdressing shop. I was given a piece of cloth by my boss on January 6, and I needed a tailor to sew it for me. Mr. Femi said he would assist me and I gave him the cloth.

“But when I went to him to take my clothes, he told me that he wanted to date me. When the pestering did not stop, I let go of the clothes and stopped communicating with him.

“On Monday, January 11, around 8pm, our landlord’s son called me that Abidoye, a neighbour, was looking for me. It was not the first time that I would go to the man’s house to run errands for him or his wife, so I thought he wanted to send me on an errand.

“But on entering the room, I discovered it was dark and the man was not around. As I turned back to go, a group of five men, led by the tailor, grabbed me and blocked my mouth. They took turns to rape me. The whole thing lasted for about one hour.”

As usual, even when her father reported the case to the Police, the case was discharged almost immediately. The victim’s visit or attendance to the Mirabel Centre wasn’t and hasn’t been productive!… Well apart from the ‘flimsy’ medical tests done. I personally feel that Mirabel centre should provide much more than medical tests. The victim’s psychological state is of utmost importance while she awaits the so-called justice!

I still can’t understand why the government won’t take this rape matter seriously… Is it because they have never had a daughter or sister raped?

Well, my take on this is that, anyone in government who has the authority to bring culprits to book and who doesn’t, will henceforth suffer what the victims suffer and much more. For every case of rape not judged, who ever is in authority will ‘hear’ it. This is not a curse but a fact. #My God doesn’t sleep. He is a Just God.


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