Eeyah! What a pity.

Celine Dione’s husband, René Angélil, has died at the age of 73, on Thursday, January 14, after a long battle with throat cancer, which was diagnosed since 1998.

I can imagine how devastated Celine is. That her husband was a true description of a ‘correct’ husband, the real “a rib of my rib”! Not the type of ‘chewing gum’ boys we have now, who are not ready to face their responsibility and who are not interested in supporting their partner or wives and who feel that it is a must that their partners contribute financially or nothing! Only God can intervene in their matter!

Celine first met her hubby, René when he became her music manager in 1980. She was 12 and he was 38 then! But she started having feelings for him when she was 17 or 18 (well, we have no choice but to believe her… It’s Celine!)


But this her wedding gown is 'wah'!

They got married finally in 1994 and renewed her wedding vows with him in 2000. And for a long time in her marriage,  she had to deal with infertility.

Then came her son in 2001, who is now 14 and then her twin boys, now 5, which should have been triplets but she miscarried one.

Ever since her husband was diagnosed with the terminal illness, she took a break from singing, only to reappear again in 2015.

René’s last wish was to die in his beloved wife’s arms and she was there thankfully to fulfil it for him.

Don’t you just love their ‘love-story’?! Really a touching one.

May his soul rest in perfect peace… I’m sure he is resting peacefully.


  1. This dude was obviously from a different time when men were men and not the little boys we have now. Dudes now contribute nothing and then have the audacity to put hands on their wives too.. #bitchasses


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