But really, aren’t you tired?  Must you be in a relationship for the sake of being in one? Or so that tongues will not wag?… Forgetting that whether or not you are in a relationship, tongues must surely wag!

Look, 2016 is just a few hours away, and so you must not even think it, to carry any ‘baggage’ into this ‘frosh’ year!…except if you don’t mind having a ‘hunch’!

If you’ve been seeing a girl who hasn’t given you an answer to the question you asked since donkey years, and she keeps telling she’s confused and all that blah blah, please drop her like it’s hot.

If you have a guy who keeps popping up once in a while to play the role of a phantom boyfriend, just so that he can get ‘some’ but he’s never there for you emotionally, financially or otherwise,… Do I need to spell out what you ought to do?!

If you are a guy and you are a girl, and you guys keep doing what lovers do but you keep claiming he doesn’t mean much to you or she doesn’t mean anything to you, then what the hell are you both doing?!

I know we could go on and on and on talking about ‘nameless’ relationships, and I also know that there are some crazy folks out there who run away from any sort of commitment, but then again the question is… Is that what you truly desire, a no-commitment relationship?

Like I will say again, 2016 is just a few hours away, for how long do you want to live a life of misery and loneliness? Now is the time to pray your way into a more serious, focused and committed relationship. If by now, you can’t categorically define the relationship in which you are in… Take a walk, and don’t stop!


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