Mba! Not for anybody, not even my kids, especially my daughters who set out to frustrate themselves not me!

Imagine, it is still on this ‘food matter’. I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it, my kids are not hungry. Because if they really are, they will eat what they see.

I’m yet to see who can do as much as I do in a day (okay, maybe except my husband’s sister and maybe a teeny weeny bit, my lil sis).  As I was saying, imagine after a stressful day plus doing school runs, the natural thing is to fix a quick meal, so that at least I can breathe. Only for my daughters to tell me that they don’t want to have ‘eba’ and vegetable soup… My first wanted Sharwarma (like seriously)  and the second demanded for God knows what… Which of course was not in my menu!

Thank God, I stood my ground… It was eba or nothing!  I love my son, especially when it concerns food, anything goes(apart from beans). Eventually they both gave in and decided to have eba… But guess what, I had to make another soup that my first could tolerate!

Na wah O! Story of my life #chef #driver #careerwoman #thanklessjob

I just wish sometimes, they could see that mummy has blood running through her veins and gets exhausted too!

God bless all home-makers!

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