This will not be the first time I will be hearing the gist of how pastors pay people to act like they are sick or disabled and they the pastors will perform miracles in front of a large congregation and the person will be healed!

I’m not hear to judge anyone but my own is that if any pastor is involved in this behavior, he should desist from it… Lest he faces the wrath of God. The kind of disgrace awaiting such a pastor will be immeasurable and will last for generations to come!

Is it that these people don’t fear God? Have the forgotten that one-day wind will blow, and fowl y*#sh will open? Who lights a candle and puts it under a bed? Or is it that they’ve forgotten that whatever goes up must surely come down?

Please if you know you are a pastor or an aspiring one, please stop O!

I’ve said my own sha! It’s not by force to do miracle in your church… Or is a marketing strategy?!  #justasking

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