It’s been a crazy few weeks for me…but I can’t tell you just yet what I’ve really been up to.

One thing I must share with you guys though, is that I have been on a journey of self-discovery. Trust me, it can be long and tortous but it’s really worth it.

There’s nothing as fantastic and self-deserving as knowing who you truly are, what you want and why and where you are going to…

It suddenly dawned on me that people are bitter, frustrated, not necessarily because of so-called external factors but because they are truly not happy inside for whatever reason or reasons. That statement, “Your happiness lies in your hands”, cannot be over-emphasized.

It’s time to stop running in circles and settle down, meditate and find out the key to Y-O-U-R happiness…not ‘my’ husband’s, or ‘my’ children’s or ‘my’ boss’s happiness… YOURS!

I found out during my journey, that when I engage in things that truly make me happy, the happiness does not remain in the ‘inside’,it finds it’s way out, for some reason…it radiates and somewhat becomes ‘infectious’. This is the part, you have absolutely no control over!

During my ‘journey’, I realised that doing things you absolutely love, gives life a whole new meaning. I started seeing the world and people in a whole new perspective… It’s crazy, yeah! No matter what hurtful things people say to you or bad events you encounter, it just doesn’t break you but makes you stronger! 💪

I haven’t gotten to my destination but with God as my guiding light, I believe I’m on the right path.

One more thing… Finding what makes you happy comes with a lot of effort. You can’t afford to give up at every given moment… Even if it seems you are ‘lost’ in life’s maze, you just have to keep moving until you find the right path.

We are all richly blessed one way or the other, you just need to reach out for those blessings and tap into it. 😀


  1. So NHW I have a better idea…instead of a path to self discovery can u please get on a path to “selfie” discovery and start posting ur gorgeous and beautiful selfies again!! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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