Trust me, you don’t want to know!

This is the wrongest question to ask someone in serious need… But since Pepsi

and the whole wide world wants to know, I’ll just go ahead and say… Realistically speaking,

– a month holiday in Dubai.
– world peace.
– an end to all terrorist attacks.
– that Nigeria will finally have uninterrupted electricity
– that my hubby will give me at least 50% of his daily earnings…added to what he already gives to me.
– that I could walk into any bank and be given any amount of money I demand through hypnosis.
– a Nobel prize for??… Give me 2 days to think about it!
– I definitely need a genie to be at my beck and call …

Pepsi, is definitely not on my list. *Oops sorry! *

That’s all for now peeps! Have a splendid day. 😘😘


  1. I feel u on all counts NHW. The only thing being a traditional guy i wouldnt take any earnings from my wife. On the rare occasion when she offers (lol) my response is always, u keep that babes 🙂


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