…definitely singing this in Flavour nabania’s voice! 🎶 🎶

Gosh, I’ve missed chatting with you guys… Loads to talk about. I’m so glad I’m having this few free moments all to myself!… Please, don’t ask where I ‘dumped’ the kids, as well as their father, my husband!

Right now, I feel raped spent. Whoever said that there was 24hours in a day, lied to us… By my personal calculations, I have roughly about 30hours in a day. And whoever uses the phrase “I’m bored… Stiff!”, is either a non-living thing or a non-living thing! There’s just so much to be done, so how dare they?!…really?!

It’s always so nice chilling with you guys. When I have these ‘precious moments’,lying down on my bed and just breathing… So surreal!

You guys, keep reading, I have one sort of funny gist for you! I’m still going to recount my busy day with you and how it started…don’t just go anywhere..

2 thoughts on “TO BE A WOMAN IS NOT AN EASY JOB!

  1. NHW, I know right? When a married woman says she’s bored, it makes me wonder! when 24 hrs isn’t enough for work and family!…and ‘wife duties’. Ike gwu


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