Seriously O! She gives me the creeps though…and I’m watching her really closely.

What could I have done, when ‘overwork’ wanted to his ‘enemy’s?! So I hired one that would come in only when I was around… Not sure for how long, this would work.

After my past experiences with maids and all what noughts, I decided to apply another approach to hiring them. With these people, you have to constantly use different methods in handling them.

So this one I got, she resumed today at about 6pm… She kinda looked ‘scary’ rough, but I just  sort of ignored. Only for me to hear that she sells second hand clothes at night!… Why did it have to be after I had hired her, ehn?! Immediately, I put a restriction as to where she had to clean, my kids’ room being among the rooms…before their clothes end up among her wares!

Of course, I bluntly told her not to bring any carrier bag anytime she resumed work. That instruction came when I noticed she had 2 bags, not even 1! She tried explaining, wasn’t really interested, instruction is instruction, full stop! *irritated just thinking about it*

What do you guys think? Should I manage her or change her?  *hmmm,not doing too badly at this rhyming thing O* 😂Anyone notice?


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