You guys I’m like…

Every month, just like every day is a special one. Love, faith and hope is what makes the new day month special.

People love and live life for love. The fact that you are in love and you are loved back, keeps you looking forward to the next day… Wondering what tomorrow would bring. Even if you don’t have anyone in particular to love, the love of God and for God, is what keeps us looking forward to pleasing Him ‘tomorrow’.


Faith is another gift that makes the month special. Faith that you will succeed better at something you love. Faith that you will get a job or a better one. Faith that you will serve God better. Faith that you will be blessed with the fruit of the womb this new month. Faith, my peeps, is believing without doubt the miracles God has in store for us and our loved ones.


Finally, hope… Hmm, every morning when I wake and my feet touch the ground, I have nothing but hope for a better day, better future, hope for positive results from all my hustles!


Tell me, how can I not be excited about the new month?! I’m sorry but I’m an Usher, ushering the new month in.

This month, I hope to take my gym classes more seriously (but I’ve always been serious, maybe not regular).

Therefore peeps, receive Anointing of peace in your homes, promotions and success in business, good health and fruit of the womb.

Enjoy the rest of the day, my lovelies! 💕💕💕

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