Self-control is one skill that every child needs in order to have a successful future as well as a healthy mental and social development. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are lacking in this skill.

I can’t totally blame it on the children, even though they also have a role to play by virtue of their interactions with peers. I blame this lack of skill on the way we parents bring up our kids, that is, our PARENTING STYLE. Some parents are just too indulgent, while some are unnecessarily authoritarian.

Self-control is a skill that should be taught from cradle to adulthood… Well, not necessarily cradle, 😂, because a child needs to be nurtured! You can start training a child from preschool age, say from 2 years of age. And it starts from little things like:
– potty training
– when to have ice cream or sweets and when not to have.
– when to play with toys and when not to.
– learning not to throw a tantrum when mummy doesn’t buy stuff in a shop.

The list goes on and on. The truth is that as parents, if we don’t put our foot down on the rules and regulations at home, our kids could grow up being excessive in practically every aspect of their lives. They may never know just when too much is just too much
In other words, they may never know when to draw the line on their excesses.

Now, as the kids mature into adolescence, lack of self-control starts to take a new look which includes:
– constant breaking of the law which could land him into prison.
– substance and alcohol abuse
– cheating in exams.
– casual sex which could lead to unplanned and unwanted pregnancy – obesity from excessive amount of food.

Any way, bottom line of all this gist, is that we need to continue to look for ways in which our kids can learn to control themselves, by hook or by spanking!… Because at the end of the day, their success and good behavior will be our joy and pride.

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