Before I go ahead to publish this post, I would like to sincerely apologise to my readers and senders of mails, for posting their mails pretty late. I have an excuse…my hands are just so full! Just keep reading the blog, soon and very soon, *hehehe* I will be unveiling something fantabulous!

Now, the mail I got…

Dear Nhw,

I’ve been married for almost 1year but my husband hasn’t slept with me. He married me a virgin and I’m still a virgin. The very first night on our wedding day, he moved me to my own room.

Each time I go to his room at night, he rages and walks me out. I’ve never caught him with anyone, neither have I seen anything incriminating on him that suggests that he may be having an affair.

I haven’t been able to disclose this to any member of my family but I’ve mentioned it to a close friend and she thinks I should keep ‘mum’ and pray harder.

Please, I’m getting tired of pretending to be happy and besides, my family is wondering why I’m not yet pregnant. Please, what do I do?

*My dear, I don’t envy you at all! I can only imagine what you may be going through. It’s high time you confront him about the issue or you let your family in on what’s going on… You need to break that ‘culture of silence’ that is really affecting the society today.

Really, for how long do you intend to keep up with this charade? If he is gay, he should say and quit wasting your time. If he’s not interested in getting married, he should say and then free you.

My final word on this is that you are not doing yourself self any favour by keeping mute… SPEAK OUT!


  1. Hian!!! Now I understand why some people say they must do while dating or courting so that they no go enter one chance for inside marriage. Pele dear!!! In the meantime help yourself while you decide what to do next. Purchase a vibrator, dildo or lover if you are brave enough. If the problem persist after like two years, get a divorce. Non consummation of the marriage is grounds for divorce.


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