Exactly one year ago, started in earnest. I thank God for creating an avenue such as this to express myself. :mrgreen:

Contrary to what some people think, this blog wasn’t created for commercial purposes (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise on it… donations too are very welcome ;)). I work really hard and so writing is the only way I know to de-stress. It’s a form of relaxation for me and a way to vent about everything… and the good thing is that, I get to give MY opinion, because it’s MY space!

But you know what? What’s the point of a blog, when you can’t share it with people?! So for me, ‘talking’ on paper is loads of fun!

So please, don’t stop hooking up with me and don’t hesitate to tell me how to make me better…just like Mrs Yemi … I see you. You don’t have to be rude in making your points… Ken, I hope you are taking notes 📝… 😝

My point is, I love you guys, whether you love me or not! Unfortunately, I don’t have a single hate in my heart… This could actually pass for lyrics to a song! Wow, didn’t know I had it in me!

I’m open to gifts or cash to celebrate this day… And also to create awareness for ??? …for, let’s just say skin cancer (everyone seems to be doing one awareness or the other!) …donations are very welcome. God bless you all and me.

The cake is for everyone… Feel free to print and share:mrgreen:


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