I’m not sure if it’s me or my wild imagination… Has anyone noticed that most Nigerian politicians are always dying of one ailment or the other that doesn’t have cure?!

In recent times, Alamaieyeseigha, Dora Akinyuli, President Yaradua, Mariam Babangida, Aunty Clara Oshiomole, just to mention a few, all died of one ailment or the other especially from cancer! Now Big Aunty Diezani is claiming she has cancer…cancer of what Biko?! I just hope she’s not trying to play a fast ‘Diepreye’ on us!

Please, I’m just thinking out loud… I just want to make sure it’s not Politico – spiritually related. And why aren’t other foreign government officers dying like fowl?! #justasking *situation needs to be examined closely


  1. Anon,I quite agree with you on dis.but you didn’t have to sound so bitter abt trying to correct NHW.we all learn everyday…
    Meanwhile , NHW,try nd change somtins about ur style of blogging nd stop making unnecessary assumptions..u cld pass a very upsetting msg across..


  2. U are nasty nd stupid…..can’t u respect d dead?which one is a”fast diepreye”?
    God help u nd ds ur stupid blog….
    Linda ikeji wannabe?,,,banana island mansion dreamer…*tongue out*


      • Lol…..ken, God bless u 4 referring me bck here….

        So,if someone made an observation abt how pple die,in ur family nd make yeye assumptions….u will be happy bah????

        Ur yeye dey smell like spoilt beans…btw ,be hiding under d John doe”Tony ross”….


    • Pls stop makin a fool of urself anon. Imagine how stupid u r? Ur talkin about john doe meanwhile ur commentimg under anonymous hahahahaha #fool


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