…lest he takes you for granted.

This is a problem for some or most married and single women. It may be a figment of their imagination that the man they are supposedly in love with or married to might be taking them for granted, simply because they are showing too much affection or love. They may also have been told that they are too needy.

The honest truth is that no woman wants to be in a position where her love is not reciprocated or given in the same proportion as hers.

Even if you think your partner may be taking you for granted, don’t you think there ways to prevent this negative feeling? I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with expressing your feelings as much as you desire to your partner. 

One thing I know for sure is that the woman needs to have the following characteristics in order not to feel that she is being taken for granted:

  1. Great strength of character – she has the ability to stand up for herself when her man crosses boundaries. She knows what she wants without putting herself in a compromising situation.
  2. Presence of mind – she doesn’t get carried away at any point in time. She knows when to call it halts. She’s not one to be swept off her feet just like that…in short, she’s fully conscious!
  3. There’s something always fascinating about her – she has great self esteem and doesn’t appear ‘too nice’!  I’m sorry but I myself, can’t stand ‘Goody-goody two shoes’… I just can’t.
  4. Independent thinkers – And that’s the problem with a lot of women in relationships today…their partners think for them! A lot of women can’t make or end a statement without mentioning what their husband says or does not say. A lot of women echo their husbands’ thoughts or words.
  5. Confidence and  empowerment – she must be seen to be a positive influence in other people’s lives. Don’t be matter occupying space!

Whether you like it or not, these are some of the qualities men find magnetic. It is when you try to play the ‘good wife’ or ‘good girlfriend ‘ that a man would take you for granted.



  1. TRUE !!! …

    But i’d definitely COMPLAIN cuz i like bein treated special, u dnt expect me to buy u flowers wen u dnt act like u miss me, even if u dnt, u cn jst PRETEND. At least, show me my presence means sumtin to u


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