Looked who rocked till this morning(2am to be precise), and still got to work at 8am?!…only me, Naijahousewife.

Abeg, what is it?! A wife should find time to rock in the midst of her busy life…or else she’ll just go extinct! These husbands have a way of seriously dulling wives. Left to some of them, wives should be committed to a life of cooking, cleaning, laundering, sweeping, pampering and babysitting! A life indeed!


Me and my buddy! 😘

Won’t you guys ask me where I rocked? Even if you don’t ask, I’ll supply you with answer…LORD OF THE RIBS! Thank God I made up my mind to go at the last minute, if not I would have regretted it.

The show was completely and totally organized, fun packed and extrrreeeeemmmmellly funny. Where can I start from?! Is it the jokes or the music by various artistes? After yesterday night, my respect for Basketmouth has not only doubled but tripled. Nothing as good as having friends who support you in a course, and that’s what he got yesterday, massive support from friends who believed in him. Bovi, Alibaba, I go save, Julius Agwu, were all in attendance. Basketmouth also got some foreign (Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, America) comedians to perform…fantastico! Shout out to Salvador, Mr Griff, etc.

I had so much fun and laughed so hard, there wasn’t a time I wasn’t falling off my seat. Na wah O!…some mothers born sha!

The highlight of the day for me…wait for this…was realizing that at the end of the day, as far as I’m concerned, there was no difference between those that paid for a VIP table and the regulars! 😝 We still got a good spot, we still enjoyed the same jokes, same music! The food served on the table meant nothing, we still had access to food and drinks which were still served to us! Mscheeew! No beefing, just saying! The only annoying thing was that they kept ‘yapping’ those of us who got REGULAR tickets…as if?! Unfortunately, we have thick skin….sorry Basketmouth and co. We made sure we got value for our 5000 naira ticket….Lol.

Well, I thank God I didn’t miss any bit of the show…but I’m seriously ‘paying’ for staying out so late. #sleepdeprived

Meanwhile I had opportunities to take pictures with them celebs, but I just didn’t feel like being a *groupie* then… Maybe next time!

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