Honestly speaking, I’m tired of people beating about this question! It’s not rocket science now…

A woman will cheat on a man who is:
– physically
– emotionally
– financially
unavailable! It could be for any or all of the above reasons. It just depends on what she feels is lacking in her relationship.

It’s only by the special grace of God that a woman may decide not to cheat. It’s not because she’s superhuman or because she’s afraid of  her  partner. Men, please just don’t get it twisted. Women are very committed beings but the minute they sense they are being taken for granted, they change course.

It’s easy for people to label some women as being bad or a cheater, but trust me every cheating woman has a history! That cheating was once a faithful wife. It’s just sad to note that the ‘good’ wife may also have a history … You just watch and see.

Cheating, as far as I’m concerned, originates from a gradual process of disconnection from a spouse, be it temporary or permanent disconnection… It’s still a disconnection!

Most women don’t plan to cheat on their partners, except for those who plan to do it out of revenge. Once that ‘disconnect’ earlier talked about, is there, then a ‘void of need’ is formed. That need is subjective, that is, the need may depend on what the woman considers lacking in her relationship.

In all honesty, there really shouldn’t be any excuse for cheating, but unfortunately, ‘cheating’ presents itself as an option…at the ‘right’ time, ‘right’ place and with the ‘right’ person. All because of what? All because the woman just wants to feel that ‘void of need’…without necessarily thinking about it.

But you know, it’s actually easy to prevent a woman from cheating…very easy. All the man needs to do is find out her ‘need’ or better still, her ‘love language’…and fill it…Voilá, she’s bound to that man for ever.

Trust Nigerian men particularly, they don’t understand any of these, and are not willing to. They just want to eat their cake and have it. They want to keep a ‘good’ wife at home who should be blind to all their rubbish… That’s submissiveness, the type they want, not so?

Just so you guys know, all it takes, is for that ‘good’ wife to stumble on the ‘right’ man… a conversation being the prelude. *cough* *cough* Then, you’ll be hearing things like, “Oh, I enjoyed your company. We should do this again… ” The only problem is that, it may not be ordinary conversation again…let your mind do the maths! Lol!

In my years of experience with all sorts of women…their needs are practically almost the same thing!

If you are a man in a relationship or a husband in a troubled marriage reading this stuff, it’s not too late to do a turn around.

And for all of you reading this stuff and wondering, “How does she know all these stuff? Has she cheated?”…all I can say is that you are missing the point and I suggest you start afresh and stay focused! *amebo* 😛


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