A lot of people do not know this, but this is the gospel truth. Practicing the art of giving is not an easy task. It requires the special grace of God. It’s like leaving the human body and assuming a spiritual level to give…It’s really not easy, I tell you.

Some people are just so stingy, even to themselves! Some of these people have no shame in asking from people, i just shake my head in awe! How can you expect to receive when you don’t give?! It’s like going to harvest crops in your farm that you never even planted!

For one to give, you need to be spiritually detached from whatever it is you hold on to like a line. And like I tell people, not giving (for whatever reason you think is authentic), is like limiting God. It’s like saying that because I don’t have much, I doubt if God will be able to provide for me!

Just give, it’s not a hard thing to do! Leave tomorrow for God. You should be happy putting a smile on someone’s face and at the same time I’m not saying you should be ‘stupid’ in your giving! Reach out to those who genuinely need the help, let the spirit be your guide. And do not exhaust your giving on one or two persons!

I know some people who think being ‘stingy’ is cool, but I think their problem is poverty and poverty mentality…not to worry, there’s no problem God can’t solve, even your ‘tight fists’!

You can start practicing the art of giving with me…nothing is too small (even iphone 6s is okay)!

Parting words…

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