I feel like…

My kids have been trying my patience for some time now…and trust me, I’ve been patient!

My question is this(I’m sure I have been asking this same question for some time now), “Why do Nigerian kids obey when they sight ‘The Whip’?” I try so hard not to beckon on my ‘assistant’, but today, I worked with ‘her’!

My kids are in the habit of:

  1. Watching TV as soon as they get up (I’ve told them that prayer should be the first thing). If we (hubby and I) are not ready, they can do other things apart from watching TV.
  2. Not doing their home-works until the night before school!
  3. Not washing their plates after a meal…who are they leaving the plates for na?!
  4. Not ever making their beds or their room…for who na?

Did I forget to mention that they find it hard to flush the toilets after every use…REALLY?!

They are really nice and cool kids O, but mba! They sure make me go to hell heaven and back before they do what they are supposed to!

So this is my DECISION…NO TV and more of…you know!

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