This story may be stale to you but it’s a problem that will continue to haunt our ‘Girl Child’ if nothing is done about it now!

I’m not only sickened and disgusted by this story (real for that matter) but I’m totally saddened by the manner in which the family members, not to mention the police, treated this case. It’s something we need to follow up on.

I read that this unfortunate human being (picture above), who claims to be a father, has been sexually molesting his 7year old daughter.

In the girl’s words,

“My daddy usually gives me money after touching my private part or putting his penis in my mouth.”

How can a father be so vile evil?!

Even the child’s mother testified to it,

“Last year, my son told me that his younger sister was fond of playing with her private parts”

What does one expect the resultant effect of this horrible act to be?! When a child starts fondling herself unnecessarily, that’s the time to start asking and investigating.

The woman even tried by reporting to the Police but guess what?… Family members rebuked her for doing so? They forced her to withdraw the case, claiming that it was a family issue! MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS

What is family issue about this matter… It is a criminal case, pure and simple!

*I got this gist from Amebo app, who got it from Vanguard I think! *


  1. Very sad story!! The woman should please do what is needed for her daughter’s well-being. Family members should just hold their peace, abeg!! Apparently, they don’t care about the well being of the child.

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