I’m not a politician, but I can’t help but comment on the feud that has been going on in the Senate.

Joe Igbokwe’s epistle on the ‘sins’ of Bukola Saraki are quite disturbing, if I must say the least.

We may not know the whole truth because it’s only those who were the shoes that know where it hurts the most.

I frankly, refuse to deliberate on the issue without being biased, as in the case of the aggrieved APC. All I can say is that, politics in Nigeria is always thrilling and intriguing, with a touch of romance!

I’m just going to seat back and watch this action packed movie!

BTW, I’ve not heard Buhari’s voice since the drama started… Or is he thinking what I’m thinking?! #chewingcaramelpopcornanddrinkingpepsi

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