I won’t lie, I was actually shocked when I heard that Iyanya was dating again…but then when I heard the chic’s history of dating, I decided, that they were probably made for each other! Ever heard of Freda Francis?! Heard she’s been linked to several other men, like Don Jazzy (my sweet guy, could never hurt a fly!). Any way, a woman’s past don’t matter really.


She’s a fine girl, no doubt, but she should still be CAREFUL!Because she’s a woman, and will probably be on the receiving end, she had better wear glasses and contact lens, so that she will be able to read the writing on the wall, when and if the time comes. *I can’t shout*

I totally don’t want to give up on him, because there is God! But that guy, doesn’t just respect chics.

Read the interview he had one time in February, with Punch Newspaper here

…Didn’t he swear he’ll have nothing to do with female celebrity? So who’s this lady?… Someone that works in a canteen?! #justasking

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