I’m sure you guys have been hearing the words ‘Clean Eating’ and are probably what we are talking about?!Clean Eating is all about eating real food, unprocessed food.

Even though I’ve always been a ‘junkie’, the road to good health is and always will be ‘Clean Eating’. All these diseases, cancer, stroke, arthritis, even our health, weight, energy level, mood and sleep patterns are directly influenced by the type of food we eat.

 So the rules of Clean Eating are basically :
1. Eating less processed foods like chips, canned foods, cake, etc.
2. Eating mostly plants and plant-based foods.
3. Eating animals that are majorly herbivorous.

Now is the time to stop burdening your body with foods that don’t have value. You’ll definitely live a longer and healthier life if you start eating real foods. Trust me… You’ll be kissing cancer and other diseases good bye!

These are the steps I took to start Eating Clean and you are allowed to copy:

1. I made up my mind to stop taking refined sugar. I replaced refined sugar with honey.
2. I ensure I have a healthy breakfast before I leave the house. This prevents me from craving for all sorts of things.
3. I don’t store processed foods in my house, not even a soft drink.
4. I try to plan my meals ahead of time.
5. I choose to cook rather than eat out.

It’s not easy o, especially with a busy schedule, kids and all, but it’s achievable.



  1. Thanks NHW….I guess you missed out lots of water!! one can never go wrong with that. Water with a slice of lemon or a ting of lime could be another way to enjoy drinking water.

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