I’m sorry but this matter tire me… Abi, what else can one say?!

It still baffles me how some men pick up courage to ask certain girls out! Even the girl will be asking herself if it’s something she wore, or how she looks or maybe an ancestral curse?! I mean, for these caliber of men to have such a huge ‘liver’ to approach them, then it’s not ordinary eye…They no dey fear fear?!

That’s what happened to a friend and colleague of mine today at the office. Let’s just say a cleaner, who has been feeling like the best thing that ever happened to women since his employment into the organisation. We’ve been watching him feeling himself for some time, but we chose to ignore…we are used to his type. The most annoying thing about the whole thing is that this dude is married with kids. He suddenly felt it was time to sow his wild oats!…unfortunately, he entered one chance today! *Choi …even my Heavenly Father must have been upset!

Anyway to cut the long story short, he made an attempt to make a pass at this my colleague (who apparently is married with kids, but doesn’t look like she is). The idiot even had the guts to wink at her initially, which I hadn’t yet got over! After that wink, I simply beckoned on her to ignore the fool, but the guy made the mistake of moving closer to us!

Let me digress a bit, please…

Reviewing the case retrospectively, I wondered what could have brought about that insult. It’s not like my friend was even the friendly type, or she dressed ‘seductively’ to work? So how come he didn’t know where to draw the huge line? Could it be the frequent “Oh  Wole, good morning. How are you?” or “How was your weekend?!”…but he’s not the only one now!! Okayyyy….I think I know the cause of the problem…BIG, VERY BIG LIVER!

Back to the matter, anyway, he got the lashing of his life. The poor chap entered ‘one chance’, no be small. Oh my goodness, I thought I had a bad tongue, check my friend’s own out…she did not spare him. Goodness me, it was so easy to mess him up. He had all the characteristic feature of a guy you could ‘wash’:

  • ragamuffin
  • ugly dude
  • skinny…scrawny actually
  • underfed
  • no money (most importantly!)
  • bad dresser…with which money

I really felt like calling his wife to come save him! I had to intervene O! My friend was furious…

On a final note, I just want to appeal to some guys who are about to make the same mistake…please, try and dey look face, abeg! Levels dey now! Or else you might suffer worse fate!


  1. OHHH PLEASE!!! How about all those ugly-ass females out there that do not know their levels!! They think every dude is the same and they can just step up and start flirting like we are just a sex object. I look at them like please baby stop cos u aint got it like that!! Just keep it moving!!
    And trust me I know my levels and know I can play that! The only problem is then the female wants you even more. Lolz!!


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