If I have never been bothered about what my kids watch and don’t watch, I think this is the time I should!

I have never in my entire life thought about watching MTV Catfish show because I just never thought it was all that, I mean it seemed boring, or so I thought. I sort of got curious after I noticed my kids were always on about ‘Catfish’ all the time. If they were not going to be around, they would record it. Anytime the show was about to start, I noticed the way they would call out each other’s names…crazy!

So, one time I walked in while they were watching an episode and made the ‘mistake’ of just asking, “Why are you guys so into this stuff?!” They were talking all at once excitedly…they must really be into it! *SMH*

“Mummy, these people are crazy. They do a lot of crazy stuff on the internet, pretending to be who they are not. One has to be really careful being on social media…a lot of fake people there o!” My son explained…like I didn’t know that already! *Eyes rolling*

“Mummy, can you imagine…this girl didn’t know that the person she’s been talking to is actually gay!” …and the gist goes on and on!

The point I’m trying to pass is this, you never know when too much is actually too much, considering what the kids watch. There I am worried about how my kids will be exposed to this new trend of being LGBT, but here they are, almost giving me a lecture on almost all the ‘hard-to-teach-topics’ . Because really, that’s what ‘Catfish’ showcases, psychos, lesbians, gay lords and all, trolling social media sites.

Are they even supposed to watch CATFISH?! When did they even start to watch this crazy show?! For crying out loud, they are just 12 and 10 years old!

I finally resigned to watching it with them, so I could use every opportunity to change whatever negative notion they had about life generally, and hopefully transfer most, if not all my values. After all, “If you can’t beat them, you join them”!

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