My heart goes out to the family of late Miss Oluchi Anekwe, who died after been electrocuted by a high tension wire in front of her UNILAG hostel yesterday.

I’m deeply saddened for a number of reasons: the fact that she was a First Class Accounting student (which parent would want to lose that kind of child), the fact that this is a clear exposure of our messed up system. What business does a high tension wire have ‘leaving’ it’s normal position?!  How many lives do we have to lose before things are done properly?

Finally, as much as I’m a fully educated person, a seasoned scientist, I can’t help but look at the spiritual aspect of things. One really needs to examine the peculiarities surrounding this incidence. Some one with a lot of evil (maybe family or friend) might have a hand in this. I mean, check it now…many evil human beings have been passing that same spot, nothing happened to them. It just had to be Oluchi, a First Class student, a good child, godly one… Check it now! Mba! It’s an ‘arrow’ …

Let’s be more prayerful, for our children, in short family because we have entered ‘mber’ month…evil people are on the move.

Please, family and friends, accept my heartfelt sympathy. We will also not question God.

3 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT ORDINARY…

  1. I am not really a superstitious person (at least I try not to be). I think this could easily have happened to anyone and it would not be less painful if the person were a third class material, aristo loving babe. Pikin na pikin, na only the mama sabi the pain she pass through to born am. This only serves as a reminder that our government needs to be more protective of its people.


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