Now, I’m beginning to get ‘disgusted’ …too much ‘fakeness’ in the air!

I know some of you might say that my time has passed or that I’m plain ‘old-school’, but it won’t stop me from expressing how I feel about the recent trends on marriage proposals.

The manner in which guys are proposing to their girlfriends is so annoying… Too much drama! If care is not taken, you guys will soon hear how a girl died from swallowing her engagement ring, that her boyfriend put in her drink! #justsaying God forbid that it will be any girl’s portion. All I’m saying is that guys should chill a bit on how they propose, all for the ‘camera, lights, action’!


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The other day, that’s how I read that a guy proposed to his girlfriend under the sea pool! What if he had drowned?! Mscheew…

Another one I found totally ridiculous, was the one I heard about how a guy borrowed money from family and friends (maybe bank too, who knows?), all for the sake of putting up a marriage proposal ‘show’! After everything, not only was he begging to sustain his life, he couldn’t meet up with repaying his debts! If he’s already broke from just mere proposal, I don’t want to imagine what will happen for introduction, proper engagement or wedding!

Guys, this is just an advice from a big sister, just manage and see me as one. You don’t need all the paparazzi to just propose. The true test of your love for your girlfriend or fiance, is how you take care of her in marriage.

I hope I haven’t opened a can of worms?! *hehehe


  1. Well if the guy can comfortably afford it and it is in their nature to be flamboyant, why not? But I completely agree, at the end of the day na wetin dey happen inside the marriage na im be the main thing. Too many people start what they cannot and will not finish. People pretend throughout the dating and courtship period, some even sustain the pretence for the first year or two of the marriage then abracadabra they change for the absolute worst. May God allow us to carry open eye to the market for those of us that are still single and searching. For those that are already married and experiencing the abracadabra, may God intervene in your situation.

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  2. I share your view too.too . There is no reason for all those paparazzi all in the name of proposing. it’s not even our culture,must we copy ‘oyinbo’ that much?#myownopinion

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