This gist is old I know, but should act as a reminder to parents who choose to torture their children in the name of punishments. For all you know that punishment could end up being fatal. Once a life is gone, it can’t be taken back.

This 5 year old was killed by her father and step-mother (wicked witch) by making her drink about 2.4litres of grape soda in less than 2 hours! This is more than what an average adult would consume in a day, not even soda, water!!


What was her crime? Just because she ‘stole’ some of the soda!

The poor girl suffered massive seizures, after urinating and vomiting on herself. The fluid caused her brain to swell and herniate (please check your dictionary).

End result of all these…she died. Anyways, the couple have been sentenced to 35 years imprisonment! As far as I am concerned, it’s not enough. Life imprisonment would have made more sense.

My advice? Parents need to control their temper better. It’s best not to punish your child when you’re most upset or else you may end up regretting your actions. Just walk away from that child or ask the child to leave your presence until you are much calmer. Then revisit the issue or the problem child.


May her gentle soul rest in peace . Amen.

I hope we’ve all learnt.

Great day ahead.


  1. My candid advice for parents is to punish their children with love. In this context, where is the love? It should not have been punitive. Rather corrective measures would have been okay. Too bad!


  2. Which one is parents control ya temper in this matter??? How many biological mothers no matter how angry will punish the child that they pushed out of their own womb like that??? The woman is the child’s stepmother that is why the matter went that far. Real mothers do not play with their children!!!

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