World people sha!

Most people are generally haters! These people can never see the good in someone… Their own is just to be fishing out all your mistakes.

This Linda sef…I’m not quite sure which village she’s from… By now she should know better not to put some ‘unfriendly ‘ pictures out there, as celebrity concern! I don’t even want to mention the no-pedicure-toenails!

I was generally minding my own business on my instagram page, when I suddenly did a double take when I saw the pics above! For a split second I thought it belonged to her brother… But then I then I thought, why would Linda’s brother where heels et al?!

That’s internet trolls started dissecting the pics… No mercy!


…okay o, peeps, over to you.

After how many ‘years’ out of sight, see the kind of gist I’m starting with. Forgive me…

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