I should have given my own 2 cents on the issue while it was sizzling hot, but you know me now, I prefer to talk about it when the fire is less… Makes me look at things more objectively I guess.

I first heard about Josh Duggar, when the gist of him molesting his sisters as a teenager. What made the gist ‘hot’ was the fact that his parents were pastors more or less…meaning he obviously grew up in a Christian family with strong values… Or so I thought.

And that’s the problem in growing up in an environment such as his…too much pressure to always be perfect, to never make mistakes, to see yourself as higher than others, especially spiritually.

The problem is that no matter what your opinion is, the fact remains that we live in an extremely sinful world. It’s a constant battle, especially for the so called ‘born-agains’ to fit in. I could have easily being among those who would naturally want to judge people negatively. But I learnt that, you cannot truly live in this sinful world without having records of failures… No way! If you have never had failures in your faith and in what you believe in, then I would advice you take several seats backward, shut your mouth and learn.

The sad thing about Josh’s situation is that he was too proud to accept he needed help in his faith, right from the onset. He kept lying to himself that he was strong enough to fight his battles… So, he set out in ‘pleasing’ others by putting up a picture of what they wanted him to be. He refused to acknowledge that he wasn’t perfect, but dealt with these ‘imperfections’ in secret… Pornography and the Ashley Madison website for people who wanted to cheat on their spouses.

Josh is a good man, a regular guy, who will constantly make mistakes and learn from it.

What am I trying to say in all these? I’m saying that people, human beings, the society should stop ‘idolising’ fellow human beings. You constantly put them under pressure to be the perfect being that you want them to be! It’s not fair… They are not God. God is the only one permitted to be perfect.

There was something I saw on my Facebook wall and thought I should share, because it’s so true.

Anyway, I just want to plead with you guys to stop being too hard on yourselves and try a make a personal change from every mistake we make. So rather than spend your time and energy judging other people, let’s spend the time we have on earth in righting our wrongs.

This also brings me to the issue of homosexuals that are constantly being judged. That you don’t like the idea is your personal opinion. I bet there are other aspects of your life, that believe me, God frowns at. I’ve always wondered if God will prepare his kingdom for unrepentant murderers and throw the homosexuals into the pits of hell? #justwondering

Any way, let’s just take something home… Quit judging others. It’s either you learn from their mistakes or shut up. Just because you’ve never being in their shoes doesn’t make you better or a saint.


  1. I WISH SHE CAN KNOW THAT. First time we kissed, she was weeping like a baby, “I just kissed, God! I just kissed”, Wots d big deal there? Its not like we had sex, just romance … Wanna b SECOND VIRGIN MARY.


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