Anxiety is very common. Everyone does get anxious once in a while. What I can’t actually stand about anxiety, is the way it manifests:
1. Rumbling tummy.
2. Dizziness.
3. Palpitations.
4. Cold sweat.
5. Poor concentration.
6. Irrational thoughts and behavior.
7. Increase in blood pressure.

But, hey, there are some quick remedies for dealing with these annoying symptoms!
1. Have a warm lavender bath.
2. Practice breathing slowly. Hold your breath for 4 or 5 seconds, then very slowly exhale. Repeat process until you feel calmer.
3. Reduce your intake of coffee, cola drinks, beers or wine.
4. Aerobics! Or better still take a 30mins brisk walk.
5. Meditation and prayers, should never be underestimated.
6. Think positively.
7. Increase multivitamin intake.
8. See your doctor for prescription medication if all these don’t work.


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