Babes are not smiling anymore O! The rate at which single girls are hustling to have babies, has doubled over the past few years… My observation, forgive me!

You see, I sort of like this new ‘development’! I can’t really stand girls who aren’t realistic. You can’t keep waiting till your ovaries freeze, all in the name of waiting for ‘Prince Charming’ to come sweep you off your feet! Like seriously?!…in Nigeria? A Prince Charming?!


Forgive me, but I’m not trying to encourage premarital sex (for the sake of those who are 40 year old virgins) or having babies out of wedlock. I’m just saying that if you really desire a family but you see that relationships have not been working out for you, then it’s time to consider other options before one enters menopause knowingly or unknowingly.


But if we have to look at the flip side, a girl may decide that her purpose on earth far outweighs the possibility of ever having a family, meaning that she has decided to allow God’s will in her life…Hmmm, commendable.

What I find absolutely fascinating about this whole ‘baby mama’ drama, is the fact that, being one used to be by force, but now, it is fast becoming more by choice. A lot of reasons are behind this important decision:

1. The fear of menopause, is the beginning of wisdom.
2. The need to have someone to care for them in their old age.
3. For companionship.
4. A need for a heir to their accumulated wealth.
5. The mentality of “Men will come and go, but your child will never abandon you”.

So, my dears, if you are in such a predicament as to whether to become a baby mama by choice or by force, it’s still your ‘exam question’ to answer. After all, at the end of the day, you are still the one wearing the shoe and you alone know where it hurts you the most!


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