I opened up my photo album in my iPad, and I see this picture of my two daughters having a special moment!
The only person who could have taken this shot is my ex-maid (Yeah, I laid her off…just had too! Don’t want to go into details for now #traumatized) How she got hold of my iPad will forever remain a mystery! I didn’t even bother asking my kids, because an argument will definitely ensue! #CantDeal

Anyways, the cute thing about this picture, is that these girls only look cute together when they aren’t at each other’s throat half of the time! …I hope someone with daughters understands what I mean? *sigh*

But what I can’t clearly understand is why my 2nd daughter is on kitchen table with practically no clothes on!

Anyways… It’s nice to know that there are days when they don’t have ‘fights’

One thought on “SISTER-SISTER BONDING|| Just lovin’ it!

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