I’m not trying to be judgmental here but this ‘Emeka Ike’  case is a typical example of what happens to any woman who is trying to have custody over her children, after a escaping a marriage filled with Domestic Violence.

See, I know for sure 2 wrongs don’t make a right and at the same time, no woman will just wake up one day and start accusing her husband of being physically violent or otherwise. In fact, most often t than not, Nigerian women like to protect their husbands, and even cover up their mess.

But it takes only a sensible woman to save herself from a domestic violence situation, no matter the cost. It is only a woman who is alive that can try to then get her children…but from a very safe distance.

Emeka Ike’s marital issues is something I’ve been trying so hard not to talk about. What saddens me is the way society frowns at a married woman who flees from her home, no matter the reason. See how long it’s taking the court in granting the woman’s request! If a wife says she’s not interested, then she’s not interested.

And I mean the role Emeka’s mom is playing in all these ongoing brouhaha, shouldn’t shock people. Every woman should not foolishly think that it is every mother inlaw that has their backs when the chips are down! Mba nunnu! Whether she likes it or not, you are still the outsider, therefore don’t expect that she will quarrel with her son over you! It’s a matter of “soldier come, soldier go”!

Emma, Emeka’s wife, said that the last she tried to speak with her kids, it was her mother inlaw who picked the call, and asked her to read Exodus 21!

Emma has moved out of the house for over 2 years now, in which no attempt has been made by her husband to reconcile. So naturally, the poor chic had to file for a divorce. Initially, Emeka’s counsel pleaded that the court give them 6months to allow for the possibility of a settlement. But Emma has cried that it’s too long, so the court shortened it to 2weeks. *Talk about a woman who knows what she wants*

I can imagine what she endured for 12 years! I’ve never been a fan of Emeka Ike sef! There was always something creepy about him, that tended towards violence, and this his wahala has just confirmed it. There a lot of actors that share the same spot like Emeka, that I seriously suspect may be violent to their wives – Emeka Enyiocha, Jim Iyke, ehm…these are the only 2 I can remember for now.

Anyway, I would love to use this medium to personally plead with women in Domestic Violence situations to please take a cue from Emma’s situation. It’s never too late to back out! Ignore what people may say to you, nothing else matters apart from your life! Save yourself first, then worry about other things later.

One more thing, if you’ve left the house completely, never agree for a meeting with your husband in the same house that you left…it may very well be the last time you will come out alive. So don’t make that mistake. If he wants to see you, then ensure the meeting is in a public place! #JustTakingPrecautions

Have an awesome day ahead.


  1. Forgive me but he actually looks like a wife beater,I see him as a man that does not have respect for matrimony or better still his wife,see d play in guider ultimate search. His wife must have endured for too long and finally decided to breath free


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