This is really a sad story and quite freaky too!

Two brothers, Adam Chaffe, 23, and Matt Chaffe, 25, are both paralyzed from freak accidents.





Matt was involved in a motorcycle crash sometime in November last year, which left him unable to walk.

Adam, who has been taking care of his older brother for the past eight months, got involved in a swimming accident and became paralyzed as well.


Adam with Matt, before his accident

The freaky thing about these accidents is the similarity in the injuries.

If they had been Nigerians, it won’t have been out of place to assume that someone was ‘doing’ them from their village.


Brothers before the accident

My heart goes out to their families. May God comfort them in this difficult time. Amen. I’m wishing them both a speedy and miraculous recovery in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Source: DailyMail

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