Hi Naijahousewife,

I’m not sure if you can help me with this problem but I’m hoping you can throw some light into what I’m feeling.

I’m a happily married man with a very beautiful wife and 2 cute kids. Lately, I’ve noticed that while I’m making love to my wife, I fantasize about other men. I never orgasm if I don’t imagine myself with a man.

I’m disturbed about this, knowing fully well that I was raised in a very Christian family. I really want this fantasy to end, lest it destroys my home.

*Oh my goodness, I can imagine how distressed you are. I’m not totally shocked at what you just sent me. With the rate at which homosexuality going on, straight people will soon start questioning their sexuality.

See, my dear, it’s time you see a psychologist and understand what’s going on with you. In the meantime, do not dwell on the thought, you’ll only be giving it too much importance.

Maybe you’ve been hanging out with a male buddy who makes you feel really good about yourself? Or maybe you’ve been watching some gay flicks? #justsaying

All in all, I think you should review all your activities in the recent past…maybe that would give you an insight to why you are having these feelings.

One thought on “AM I GAY?

  1. Sorry ooo but you are gay as the Bible has made it clear to us that if you lust after a woman within the heart you have already committed adultery. So please commit your self to God and equally see a psychologist.

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