With the sudden change in weather now, there has been an increase in the Flu.

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, Flu is just another name for the ‘Common cold’ and symptoms include:
– presence or absence of high fever
– mild to moderate cough
– sore throat (which can be itchy)
– runny and stuffy nose
– headaches
– generalized body pain
– chills
– feeling of tiredness
– sometimes reduced or no appetite, nausea and or vomiting

These symptoms occur in no particular order and it’s not compulsory you must have everything.

Now, the issue is, what can one do to relieve one from all these discomfort?

1. You need to stop all forms of stressful work, just so that you can rest.
2. Drink lots of water, clear fluid. Or better still, low-calorie energy drinks.
3. Drink hot beverages, lemon tea.
4. Keep your room warm…not hot.
5. If your nostrils are blocked, try some steam inhalation with some Eucalyptus oil in it.
6. Try using saline nasal sprays
7. Take some Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Diclofenac to relieve the headache and body pain.
8. Don’t forget your immune boosters, such as multivitamins, fruits and veggies.

N.B: Don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. You can sneeze directly into the nook of your elbow or a handkerchief… Never your hands. I pity anyone who decides to shake or hold you.

If symptoms persist after all these, just pay your doctor a visit. Consultation fee will be charged.

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