Good morning peeps. It’s been quite a while now, I know. I’ve finally accepted the fact that I have absolutely no control over my time! #SurrenderingAllToJesus

You may be wondering about the title of this post, ‘Good mother, bad wife’, but I’m sure you are quite familiar with that ‘scenario’. A lot of wives, unfortunately, fall into this category.

A lot of women get married and when the babies start ‘rolling in’, they totally neglect their husbands. Nothing matters anymore, apart from their children’s wellbeing. They do a very good job of ensuring that their kids have high moral standards, no doubt, but when it comes to playing their role as a wife, they score zero points.

Most wives these days nag a lot. Every simple conversation with their husbands become a major avenue to be very quarrelsome. Sexual relations with their husbands, suddenly becomes a privilege and not a necessity or obligation. Especially if the man is seen not be useful in terms of performing house chores.

Some wives fail to notice the worn out looks on their husbands’ faces after a hard day’s work. The list is endless!

Whatever the case may be peeps, we should try to strike a balance in caring for the people we love the most. That you succeed in being a good mother but fail in your duties as a wife, won’t score you good points.

So today, is an another opportunity to make things right no matter what. Even if you think your spouse doesn’t deserve your goodness, still be good. Your role as the ‘neck’ of the house is definitely not an easy one. You are bound to be the ‘connecting force’ and major support system in the family.

Have an awesome day ahead…and oh, TGIF!

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