I don’t understand this world anymore. I mean, why would a husband, in the bid to divorce his wife, resort to killing his only child?!
That’s what Mr Kazeem Olajide did O! The only crime his wife committed was to ask her husband to hold their only child just so that she could sweep the compound. Only for her to come back to meet her baby gasping and foam gushing from her mouth. She claimed she smelt pesticide in her baby’s bottle. *How cruel!

Apparently, neighbors were not surprised this happened because, according to them, Kazeem never loved his wife and usually warned people not to refer to him as “Baba Zainab”
(Source: Punch)

The annoying thing about all these kind of heinous crimes is that the accused usually blames everything on the devil!

But peeps, let’s be sincere or Frank frank, this looks like a case of forced marriage as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. Baby mamas should learn from this situation, when an adult male is not ready to take responsibility for a pregnancy, the girl should take a cue and move on. Unplanned pregnancy shouldn’t lead to automatic marriage. A man could spite a woman for life because of this.

So ladies, if your boyfriend is not ready to accept the responsibility of the pregnancy, don’t beg him and don’t get your whole family to force him to marry you. Or else the consequences might be grave…


  1. This man is just plain evil!! What did the little girl do to deserve this?! Keep your pants on, No.. and now this!! RIP ,Little one!!


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